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Linking Mass Properties on an Assembly Document Not Working as Expected?

Question asked by Victor Carosi on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Victor Carosi

Hello SW Forums,


I am setting up a drawing template to be used with assemblies. Our title block calls for material, weight, surface area, and volume to be listed. Obviously, these properties can be linked (granted an assembly will not have a material but that's irrelevant for right now). So, on the .ASMDOT file, I have the material, weight, surface area, and volume custom properties set up to link the SolidWorks properties, using the "SW-Mass@TestAssembly1.SLDASM" format. I popped in a test assembly to ensure these properties populated on the assembly document, and they did. See attached.


Now, I then went to link these properties to the appropriate sections on the .DRWDOT title block. I created a note in the sheet format, and entered in the $PRPSHEET values as you can see in the attached.


The values went blank upon exiting the sheet format as expected. I saved it, then created a drawing using that template from my test assembly. I dragged in a view, rebuilt, but the only mass property that populated was surface area.


I have absolutely no idea why only this property populated since all the other ones were done in the same exact way. Anyone have any ideas? See attached screen grab showing the end result.


Thanks in advance.