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Assembly mate errors after opening a drawing 2016 SP05, Flexible Mates??

Question asked by Jim Moses on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by Alex Lachance

Hi all,


I have a rather large assembly file that contains 7 sub assemblies 4 of which have several configurations that relate to several top level configurations, Now in my default configuration or the one I will be using for my drawing I do have 1 flexible mate.


Now as I stated this seems to rear its lovely head every time I open the top level drawing file, now everything comes in lightweight so not sure if that is part of the issue, but I seem to have to toggle the flexible mate and some of the time the errors go away, other times it induces mate errors in other sub-assemblies and once I go to those no errors present, though I did just have a mate that flipped, not sure why, but I flipped it twice and all was good again.


Has anyone else had this issue?


I have tired to be careful not to over constrain anything with too many mates, but maybe some has a idea, as this model is a deliverable to a customer and would rather it not blow-up on them, or the next guy who has to make changes


All of this is on a local hard drive