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Autotrace Not Working

Question asked by Daniel Sevier on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by Mike Lee
I am trying to autorace a logo to deboss on a concept to make the sketch, but it refuses to let me do it.

I've tried different image formats (PNG with and without white backgrounds and a jpg).


The problem happens when I have to select the image to trace. I've tried all the 4 methods (like marquee, eyedropper) but none do anything. At this stage, basically the images do not respond at all to any of the selection methods.

(please see screenshots).


I read online that maybe i had to enable the Autotrace checkbox in Add-ins, BUT it was already enabled.  Then i read online that I need to reinstall(?) some .DLL files but that didn't work.


Example SW file attached.

Thanks for any and all help!