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Wireframe color same as shaded after changing colors?

Question asked by Mattew Stafford on Mar 21, 2018

I looked through several threads & couldn't find anything, so I am assuming there have been no changes. I am desiring to have my wireframe to always be the same color of the shaded model, regardless of what color I change the color to. This is just at the model level; haven't looked at the assembly level yet, but I will want the same thing there as well.  Also, I haven't made changes to my template yet, but here are the steps I am going through.

1. I create a new document and change the document properties to  "Apply same colors to wireframe, HLR & shaded"

2.  I create a new extrusion using the default color.

3.   I change the part color:

4. Here is my part color in shaded mode:

5. Here is my part color in wireframe:

6. I look at my document properties again and see that the checkbox is no longer checked:

7. After checking the box again, my wireframe color matches the shaded part:

8.  I decide to change the color to something else:

9. But my wireframe still looks like this: