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Invalid Criteria in Design Tables

Question asked by M. B. on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by M. B.

The following was copied from SW Help files:

Invalid Criteria in Design Tables

   The SOLIDWORKS software stops processing a design table if it reaches invalid parameters in a cell. A summary of design table parameters is available.

   If you enter information to the left of the configuration name column or above the parameters row, the SOLIDWORKS software warns of an invalid value, and stops processing the design table without completing the remaining rows and columns. If this happens, some configurations will not update properly.


I’m seeing inconsistencies in both part and assembly configurations being updated by design tables.   SW2018, Win 10, Excel 2016 


The attached part has invalid criteria in 5 cells highlighted yellow.  Solidworks only finds the last one.  In the first 4 cells, it fails to open the pop-up for the invalid criteria and instead uses a value of 0.000.  This zero value causes ShaftSketch to fail in 2 configurations.


My questions are not about fixing this specific part or design table.

-Is this normal and expected behavior?

-Has it always been this way?  Do previous SW versions do the same thing?

-Has anyone else found errors in part or assembly design table cells that do not cause a warning pop up window when closing the design table?


I’ve used part and assembly design tables for a long time and think this is a new bug.