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Camnetics GearTrax & Solidworks

Question asked by Radu Balan on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by Kevin Pymm

Hello everybody,


Please help me with some information if you can:


I've generated in Camnetics GearTrax a working 2 piece gear assembly (1:20) with a fixed width distance between center of each gear equal with 147 mm. Then I used create in cad and it automatically draws pinion and gear, and then it creates the assembly with all the needed mates. In the assembly, if I check the distance between the axis of this 2 gears the distance is also 147 mm.

If I take a piece of material and draw at a distance of 147 mm 2 holes and then I try to mate each axis of a gear with axis of the hole I get a warning message: "The components cannot be moved to a position ....." see the attached picture



What can I do in order to solve this? Basically the plate, which is float and inserted in the assembly with working gears should position after the assembly.


I've also tried the cavity option in which I've cut the plate about the gear and pinion axle but it resulted in a 146,96 mm distance between the center of the holes in the plate. Even though Solidworks tells me I have no interference I'm reluctant in sending this file to manufacturer.


Please help