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Using the Intersect Feature

Question asked by Matt Lombard on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by Matt Lombard

Does anybody have any real world project where you've used this feature? I know what it does, but it seems like the result is always so complex that I go for a series of other slightly simpler features, like cut with surface, trim, replace face, or some boolean function, depending on what I start with. Also, do you intentionally model so you can use Intersect, or do you just find it's the best way to proceed when you're in a certain situation?


I just know that the visual interface for Mutual Trim can sometimes be mind-bendingly complicated, and with all the additional scenarios Intersect supports, it has the potential to be even more complex. ( I guess by all that I mean that the result can be tough to visualize). I'm kind of curious what sort of need drove them to develop this one.