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BOM cell formula does not maintain cell number when a new row is added

Question asked by Eric Welsch on Mar 20, 2018


First post here in the forums. I firstly have thank all of the information I've gotten from the forums so far. I have resolved many issues from reading all of the post here.

I've been working with BOM's today and noticed that when I add a row, the cell numbers in the formula do not update to reflect the row change. For instance, my header row is #1. Starting with row #2, I have columns with item #, quantity and weight and then a total weight. My formula would be C2*G2 giving a total. After creating the BOM with 20+ items, I went back to add the tables title row, which now becomes row #1. All rows below of course are the previous number+1. Problem is the formula from old row #2, which is now row #3, still has the cell number of row #2. Is there a way to have that formula cell number get updated or locked to that row when it is shifted?

Seems like I'm missing something simple.