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C#, ReferencePattern and check if IsSuppresed?

Question asked by Henrik Landström on Mar 20, 2018
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I have standAlone code trying to traverse a assembly and find some key values. Sometimes, there might be a folder named "Bracket Support pattern". In that folder, there should be a CircularPattern and what I am trying to do is to get the following:

Angle of the pattern, number of features, and if any of them are suppressed.


     var circulatPattern = (Feature)featuresInFolder[i];

     Console.WriteLine(" Name of feature: " + circulatPattern.Name);

     Console.WriteLine(" Type of feature: " + circulatPattern.GetTypeName2());


     Dimension d3 = circulatPattern.Parameter("D3");


     Console.WriteLine($"Angle of feature: {d3.Value.ToString()}");


     var subf = (Feature)circulatPattern.GetFirstSubFeature();


     while (subf != null) {

     Console.WriteLine($"Current Subfeature: {subf.Name} of type {subf.GetTypeName2()}");


     var maybeSuppressedInConfig = subf.IsSuppressed2((int)swInConfigurationOpts_e.swAllConfiguration, configurationNames);

     for (int j = 0; j < configurationNames.Length; j++) {

          if(maybeSuppressedInConfig[j]) {

               Console.WriteLine($"Suppresed in {configurationNames[j]}");

          } else {

          Console.WriteLine($"Not suppresed in {configurationNames[j]}");





     subf = subf.GetNextFeature();

     if(subf.GetTypeName2() != "ReferencePattern") { break; }



The issue is that I get false as response to all checks of in a feature is suppressed. Maybe I need to traverse from the feature in the pattern, as that feature type is ReferencePattern and find the component /feature that has the actual IsSuppressed-flag. Or should it be done some other way?