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hyperlinks to conisio:// not working in a PDF document

Question asked by Eric Junkel on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by Charley Saint
  • I have noticed that hyperlinks to EPDM documents in Word documents saved as PDF documents no longer work when CTRL+clicked in Acrobat. When they are clicked, they simply open up a new browser window to default page.
  • These used to work and an EPDM folder would open up in File Manager that housed the linked file.  The hyperlinks have the form "conisio://EPDMVault/explore?projectid=12345&documentid=6789&objecttype=1".  Instead I get a pointer/cursor in a hand shape with a "W" in the middle showing in Acrobat when I hover over the link (any link).
  • Hyperlinks do still work in the original Word doc.  Hyperlinks to web pages still work as do links to local network files of the form '\O2FS2K8\Permanent - Ongoing\ENGINEERING \Production Data History\Engineering Change Notices (ECN)\EC180319-1 release initial color specs for items xxxx.docx' or into the local vault view of the form '../../../EPDMVault/Compliance/2017%20Testing//C81441606_Clip%20CE%20pass%2017.pdf'
  • Document is created in Word, hyperlinks pasted into doc, and pdf created using 'Save as PDF' from MS Word.
  • Running PDM Pro 2017 and Office 2013 Professional on Windows 7 64 bit.
  • You can right click and copy the link in Acrobat Pro 10 and paste it into a Windows Explorer window and it will open (or Chrome URL);  in Acrobat Reader you have to do Ctrl+C to copy the text of the link.
  • Only recent change was upgrading EPDM from 2015 to 2017 versions.  Old documents that used to work do not work anymore.

Any insight would be appreciated.