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Symbols only displaying certain attributes?

Discussion created by Carl Gutierrez on Mar 20, 2018
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As I'm going creating some schemes and learning SWE at the same time there are things I did incorrectly at first that I'm having to go back and clean up.  I was just correctly inserting some connectors and I noticed that one connector would only display the #TAG attribute.


I checked the manufacturer part properties and the manufacturer and part info was entered correctly. 


I checked which attributes were set to display and both the Manufacturer and Manufacturer part attributes were set to display but noticed the data wasn't there.

I went back into the manufacturer part properties and changed the category from Auxiliary to Base and tadaa!


Now the data shows up where I needed it to.


As a test I went and changed a power supply's category from Base to Auxiliary and the same thing happens - the manufacturer and manufacturer part attribute data disappears on the symbols with that manufacturer part assigned to them.


Just wanted to share that discovery in case anyone else faces the same thing.


TL/DR - if you can't get a symbol's attributes to show up even though all the data is there check the manufacturer part's category and make sure it's set to Base.