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Custom properties templates default to reading a file location that no longer exists

Question asked by Camden Wallraff on Mar 20, 2018

I am am running into a small issue, where the custom property templates aren’t immediately read because they are for some reason referencing a folder that no longer exists (I moved them to a saved location from each client), even though it also tells me to put the properties in question into the folder that clearly has them, and using the dropdown, I can get to the properties tab that I want to use so it's not broken completely, but in the long run I will save everyone's time by having the properties be defaulted when a part or assembly is created.


These properties were sent to us from our clients so we can use a "mirrored" launch version of what the client uses so when we send them files, they fit right into their system.


properties files misread.png

Another small thing I noticed is that sometimes the dropdown options for the properties is incomplete, like it is reading an older version of the property file. Setting the file to -None- and back usually fixes the problem, but I wanted to know if there was a way not to need the workaround?


I was able to repeat the "older version" problem when using misumi's inCAD software, where even a -none- and back or reload/restart wouldn't fix it. Pulling from a library file, all the relevant equations and properties are there, but not so in this case, also the custom properties manager no longer yells at me doing it this way.

properties misread 2.png


I have Tried to reference the solution posted here but I am unsure how to re-save the template.