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Change Selected Objects To Another Layer

Question asked by John Lega on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by John Lega

I would like to be able to select objects in a drawing (any kind of objects, dimensions, notes, sketches, etc) and move them to a new layer. I am using the following macro at the moment:


Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks

Dim swModel As SldWorks.ModelDoc2

Dim swSelMgr As SldWorks.SelectionMgr

Dim swSelObj As Object

Dim swAnn As SldWorks.Annotation

Dim i As Integer


Sub main()

    Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

    Set swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc

    Set swSelMgr = swModel.SelectionManager

    For i = 1 To swSelMgr.GetSelectedObjectCount2(-1)

        Set swSelObj = swSelMgr.GetSelectedObject6(i, -1)

       Set swAnn = swSelObj.GetAnnotation

        If Not swAnn Is Nothing Then swAnn.Layer = "DIM"

    Next i


End Sub


I'm getting runtime error 438 when, for example, I pick a sketch entity to change layer. I think the issue is that it is expecting an annotation. What do I need to do to the code to allow me to select ANYTHING on a drawing and change it's layer?


Thanks all... sorry for dumb question - I really need to learn to code.....