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Troubleshooting Sheet Metal Flat Pattern

Question asked by Reid Butler on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by Swapnil Dhake

Hello. I have modeled up a sheet metal mounting plate and am now having some trouble showing the flat pattern for this part. It likely has something to do with the process by which I created the model as it has been a number of years since I drafted in sheet metal and I am still reacquainting myself. For your reference if it is useful here is what the design tree looks like if that informs you of how I built up the plate.

I was attempting to flatten the part/view the flat pattern and caused myself some issues. I activated the "Flat pattern" view under Annotations (see below).

Now there is the flatten symbol in the upper right corner however when I click it nothing occurs and it merely remains there (taunting me). Almost all of the feature options on the Sheet Metal tab on the command ribbon have been greyed out.  I cannot "deactivate" the flat pattern annotation and activating the other annotations does not resolve the issue.


My question is two-fold: A) how do I return my model to a workable state? B) what is the process to be able to generate a flat pattern from this model (if any)?


Any recommendations for method of drafting sheet metals parts/best practices are also welcome. If I can provide any further information to help you understand my situation please let me know.


Thank you!