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Difference between Standard and Professional Versions

Question asked by Praveen S. on Mar 19, 2018

Hi all,

Am Using Solidworks 2018 Standard version.

(Earlier I used Solidworks 2016 Professional, two years back).

I have modeled so easily in 2018 Standard version but I feel more difficult in creating drawings for the same.

Can someone Please help me out for the below ones for which I have been I messed up.

1.     Can the Font be adjusted with a width factor ?

        (I need to use RomanS with width factor 0.8 to meet inline with AutoCAD standards).

2.     I have used weldments to create different UB sections like UB 610 & UB 254 and many Piping & Tubular Profiles within a single part file.

        But I need Bill of Material for all sections independently. Can this be Created ?

3.     I need Drawing dimensions in "mm" and bill of material units in "metre". How can this be done?

4.     For section call-outs, I have circular profiles only - Is rectangular profiles not available in Standard version?


I surfed a lot and came to know the major differences between Standard / Professional / Premium.

But still one by one when I model or detail, I find many things missing inside every features / tools.


I would be very much thankful for any replies.