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    Flickering ComboBox with Add or AddRange

    Checkcheck Master

      Hi there!


      Does anyone had experience with flickering or blinking ComboBoxes when updating them?

      I like to have some ComboBoxes with the option SuggestAppend to give the user the possibility to select from earlier used data.

      When selecting a SW file from a DataGridView some ComboBoxes are cleaned and filled from a text file, after that the program must be told to use the new ComboBox items with 'ComboBox.AutoCompleteSource = AutoCompleteSource.ListItems'.

      Together with this command the ComboBox will flicker which look really unprofessional for me.

      I've tried:

      DoubleBuffered = True, as well in code as in options for the form.

      ComboBox.BeginUpdate() and ComboBox.EndUpdate()

      Both with no succes.


      It's a widely bespoken subject at the internet but I did not find a solution for it.

      Btw, it happens both in the Addin and stand alone version from the program, no difference.


      Any ideas?