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    Add view label problems

    Mike Hodson

      I'm using SW2018 Premium.


      I create a view, then right click and choose 'Add view label'. 


      Firstly, is there are a way to have it go directly into editing the field rather than having to double click in a tiny box?


      After manually entering text for the view label (I'd like to use the weldment cut list part number, but that doesn't seem to be a linkable property), the view and the label disappears completely.   It's in the tree and set to 'show'....but it just disappears.

      I enter the text, but when I click anywhere outside the text field, the view disappears completely. 


      Also, if I don't manage to click in the box to open the text field, the label isn't shown (or is blank) but then I can't edit it.   The option 'Add view label' is no longer in the right click menu.   The only option seems to be deleting the view and trying again.

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          Shaodun Lin

          That is weird, maybe you can upload a screen recording to show what actually happened.

          You can use free tools like Camtasia to record the screen.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            You might want to abandon the workflow "Add view label", especially if you're dealing with cut list properties.  Cut list properties are kind of funny, but they can certainly work fine.  You need to have them linked in a Note that (at least at some point) had a leader that was attached to model geometry.  Several of the Properties in the drop-down below are cut list properties.



            After creating the Note and linking it to the cut list property, or properties, you can then hide the leader in the Note's Property Manager.  After that, you can copy and paste this Note as many times as needed, and it will pick up the properties from the new view, but when pasting you have to click directly on the model geometry, not just on a blank part of the active drawing view.  I have a number of Notes that are linked to cut list properties saved as Styles in my Drawing Template so I don't have to recreate new ones every time.



            If you want to give this a try and later have questions feel free to post again.  I, or someone else, will be glad to help.