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VAR Support:  If you're not satisfied with yours then say something

Question asked by Dennis Dohogne on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Christian Chu

I'm not naming names, nor am I asking anyone else to, but I am currently having a problem with my VAR not giving me the support I expect.  Since mid-January I've sent in several problem captures for different things and the VAR has even verified that they are bugs.  I don't expect the VAR to fix the bug, but I do expect them to help me find a work-around while the bug gets reported to SWX so it can be fixed.  I have confronted them several times with a demand for an SPR as that is my only receipt that the problem has indeed been passed on to SWX.  With an SPR I can make sure my name is attached to it so that when the bug is fixed I'll get a notification.


I still don't have an SPR for these issues, but I was just contacted by folks at SWX telling me I WILL get some follow-up and that I have reasonable expectations.


Here is the news bulletin for you all.  There are avenues to get a remedy if the VAR is not being responsive to your support needs.  For one, you can insist that the VAR elevate the situation and put you in touch with someone up the chain of command (I honestly don't have high hopes of then doing that).  But you can also make mention here, on this forum, that you are not getting the support you expect for your problems.  There are folks keeping a watch for such issues.  My information is informal so I don't have a definite procedure, but I understood that if someone were to report on here that they have tried to get help with a problem from their VAR and the VAR is not properly responding that your mention of that fact on this forum might get someone at SWX to contact you to make sure you really do get the help.


Speak up to make sure you are getting the support you are paying for with your subscription fees.