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    Macro Feature

    Kyle Ferris

      Hello all,


      I have tried to research macro features but I still cant get my head around them.


      I have attached a part template with a macro embedded in to it. I would like to be able to run this macro automatically every time the part is rebuilt (I did manage this using an equation but the part constantly showed an error which wasn't ideal). My understanding is that a macro feature can achieve this.


      I would be very grateful if someone would be able to direct me to somewhere that I can find out how to do this, or even better provide the solution. Any help would be really appreciated, thanks.

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          Abilash V.

          Hi Kyle,


          Please find the following slide, Hope it helps.

          Equation Driven Macros

          If you have further clarification reach me.




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            Jacob Corder

            I have a little experience with macrofeatures. I have a whole design suite written that is models that are only macrofeatures.


            Let's get started.   What do you want it to do?


            Create a website?

            Delete files from folders?

            Turn lights on and off?

            Call your parents?

            Update a variable in a database?

            Update a property in a file?


            Probably none of these but these things can literally be done with a macro feature


            Lay out your requirements. I cant see your file from my phone.

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                Kyle Ferris

                Hi Jacob, thanks for replying. Glad to hear they can do so much!! I still don't fully understand them, however I'm not sure they can manage what I would like. I have attached a part template which has a macro embedded that updates a custom property (the amount of bends a sheet metal part has). I need a method to have this run every time the model is rebuilt. The part template has no features yet though, as I need to create each part from scratch. My understanding now is that no more features can be added after a macro feature? So would I have to keep re-adding the macro feature to the end of the tree which defeats the purpose of automating the process as I may as well just rerun the embedded macro. I have managed using equations but get it says there is an error in the part which is no use for us.


                Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again

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                    Jacob Corder

                    Not true. I have parts with many hundreds of macro features in them.  You can have a macro nature always be at the end but it won't restrict future features.


                    Instead of a macro nature for what you are doing, you will want to register for events as Abilash V.  Stated above.

                    Macro feature are a final resort to something you cannot get to work. Trust me they can be a pain in the butt.


                    Either write a silly addin that registers to regennotify, launch sw in a macro mode using start in as stated above.  

                    A macrofeature requires that someone inserts it and doesn't delete it to work.


                    Events always execute.


                    So avoid macrofeature like the plague unless you want to take full control of a specific thing.