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    Backplates downloading

    Edward Hopson

      I'm currently doing a perfume bottle render, and am curious if anyone knows of any backplates

      I can download that would be similar to the examples below?


      I know I can probably make most of these in photoshop myself, but some already made would

      save me some time!






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          Scott Ellery

          Hi Edward ,


          I actually use Visualize for these , I have a simple photo stduio set that I modeled and I use lights to get the look I need , I find this allows the model to match the background a bit better.


          if you dont have Visualize professional , you could achieve similar results using simple shapes and emissive appearances as well.


          HERE is a link to the default studio setup I put together, hopefully it helps


          EDIT : I mocked up a render to show you what I mean , I did this using the Studio project I attached.


          it is just a quick render but I think it gets the point across (even added the water effect )


          This is a model I got from GrabCAD , I did not model it and it can be found here