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    Materials Question

    Nick Post

      Hi all,


      I'm using SW 2016, trying to find SAE 1040 to use as a material for a part. I believe SAE and AISI are the same thing, but all I can find it AISI 1045. Here's a screenshot:


      Any ideas?



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          Dave Bear

          Hi Nick,

          I don't know if this will help you find the most compatible material, but if not, maybe you could create a custom material from the data.




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            Kevin Chandler



            The SW material db is limited to what's there, so if there's a material you require that's not listed, then you have to create a custom material.

            You'have to create a custom l;ibrary first, then category (basically all of the expanding menus of the SW library) before you can actually create the material itself, which you can copy from an existing one, paste into your library and then modify as required.


            Check your System Options>File locations for your custom materials location and save to a common spot if others need to access it.

            Also, on pack n' go, you'll need to check the box if you want to include it.


            This is typed by memory, but it should get you going.





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              J. Mather

              Right click and create New Library  (be sure you know the path)  (in this example I named my library Mather).

              Right click on the new library and create New Category(ies).  (in this case I created a Category for Custom Painted Plastics)

              Copy and paste an existing material into your Library\Category and then rename and edit properties as needed.


              Custom Library.png