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Visualize 2018 SP3 - adding Denoiser; dropping Fermi support

Discussion created by Brian Hillner Employee on Mar 16, 2018
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Hi Visualize community,


As you've hopefully heard by now, we're about to release new integrated technology to make your Visualize renders finish 10x faster! It's called the AI Denoiser, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to anticipate and magically eliminate noise in your scene. What does this mean? You can expect the same photo-quality results 10x faster!!


This could be a still image, animation, 360 spin, new immersive 360-VR content or any render job from Visualize. Not only does it help your final renders finish 10x faster, you can also enjoy this dramatic speed-up while preparing your Visualize scenes as well. I’ve been testing the Denoiser the last couple months and it’s blown me away.


When can you expect the new AI Denoiser and other changes to Visualize? This is all coming in Visualize Standard & Pro 2018 SP3, planned end of April.


Also included with Visualize 2018 SP3 are:

  • Support for graphics cards with latest chip architecture from NVIDIA, called "Volta"
  • The ability to fade the Opacity slider of parts/models in Fast render mode


How do I know if my machine can run the new Denoiser?

  • Need at least NVIDIA Kepler generation graphics card or newer (If older than Kepler, Visualize will default to CPU only mode)
  • Need at least 4GB memory on your NVIDIA graphics card (If under 4GB, Visualize will still run in GPU/Hybrid, but without the Denoiser feature)
  • Make sure to update your NVIDIA driver to 385.41 or newer, as called out in the upcoming 2018 SP3 Release Notes.


In order to support Volta and the AI Denoiser feature,GPU/Hybrid rendering had to be dropped for Fermi based graphics cards. This generally includes any "Quadro FX" cards and cards without letters between “Quadro” and the number (ex: Quadro 600, Quadro 2000, Quadro 2000D, Quadro4000, Quadro 5000, etc). See this link for a list of all NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards:


Haven’t heard about or seen what the Denoiser is capable of? Check out this blog post, with links to information on how you can save 30% on a new P4000 card, now through April 30th!

Introducing the New Artificial Intelligence Denoiser


Thanks for your understanding, and we hope you love the new Denoiser super-feature as much as we do!



Product Manager | SOLIDOWRKS Visualize