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    Title Block Sheet Data Linking

    Tim Collins



      I have created a template for my drawings. In the title block once I fill in say the Revision with "A" I would like the Revision to be added to a new sheet if I add one, rather than go to each sheet and repopulate fields.


      I don't want to pull the data in from a model , when I manually change the REV, Date or Name, I woul like it to be automatically added to a new sheet if I click to add one.


      thanks for your help.

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          Jeremy Feist

          to do this you need to make use of the drawing's custom properties - link the text in your sheet format to the custom property and save your sheet format and drawing template.

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            Kevin Chandler



            Add Revision as a property in the drawing template and link to it in the revision note.

            Save your dwg template and your sheet format.

            Also, unless the drawing references itself and not the part, then revision is a property of the part and is best stored there.






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              Tom Gagnon

              I do same, where one model is described by multiple drawing documents which have their own rev. If not making parts, different contextual use applies: one person's best practice is another's recipe for disaster.


              I add to Jeremy and Kevin's exact suggestion, in that the easiest way to perpetuate sheet format across sheets is to copy the existing sheet instead of Add Sheet. CTRL+drag the sheet from tree to field, and follow prompt for where it should go. Then, if needed, destroy the views and create new ones, or partial, or add to it, or however your sheets workflow progresses. That way, sheet format is perpetuated without having to browse for it.


              However, changes to one sheet's sheet format do not carry over to other sheets unless you resave and reload the sheet format. For this reason, I try to complete any anticipated changes to sheet format before perpetuating it. It is also useful to have any other text fields which may or will be added later to be custom properties in the drawing template, and also linked to sheet format. If something does not yet apply, such as LastRevisionDescription, that linked text can be placed on a non-visible layer which does not print, and relayered later when applicable.