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Magnetic Line: Notes or only balloons?

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Deepak Gupta

I'm tired of toggling automatic relations off whenever annotating an Isometric View. If the view contents are not ortholinear, then automatic horizontal and vertical relations and snapping action is irrelevant and undesired. It would be far more useful to have a 3-axis snap be the effective automatic relation to apply when marking up an Isometric View. This led me to try something new.


I inserted a Magnetic Line in my Iso view. Pleasantly, it snapped easily to 150º to align with a view axis. However, my simple Note entities cannot snap to it. Am I missing an option or setting, or is this just evidently not possible? Do only Balloons snap to Magnetic Lines? Alternatively, is there an Isometric axis snap setting to achieve what I'm after?