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    Move with triad not accurate?

    Kevin Smith

      Okay guys, It's my understanding that SolidQuirks is a software designed for engineers.

      "close enough" doesn't cut it. Unless you are the 'move with triad' function..


      I've set up a quick example:


      Two parts in an assembly... parts line up, and top lines are parallel:


      then I move with triad 180 degrees, Making sure it snaps to EXACTLY 180:




      looks close enough to 180, right?


      Just wondering if it was meant to be inaccurate.

      After getting it close enough, mates are possible to finish it out and make it precise... But c'mon?? it even snaps to the 180, indicating that it should be precise. if it had no Snap function it would make a little more sense because that would indicate that it is not meant to be precise.


      That's a half question, half rant. if anyone knows about some setting or something, feel free to share!