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Dynamic Hole Pattern

Question asked by Jonny Levelius on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2018 by Jonny Levelius

Looking for help on a dynamically changing sheet metal panel with custom hole patterns.


Part 1

I have a panel that I would like to put a custom hole pattern on. This is a common panel that I will change only the length and width of. The hole pattern needs to center itself (in all directions) on the panel when I change the length and width. I cannot change the spacing on the pattern at all--I can only add and remove holes and rows when the panel changes size. I need to keep hole centers 1" or greater away from the bent edges and 1.25" away or greater on the raw edges. I want to only have to change the length and width every time I open the part to reduce time spent creating new parts.


Part 2

There are smaller holes on the bends of the panel. I need the bent holes to match the larger hole pattern offsets so the staggered pattern doesn't double anywhere.


I have tried doing this a million different ways with equations and can't seem to get it right. Certain sizes work great while others seem to mess the part up. I want to utilize equations for this as the only thing that will ever change is:

- Length (manually)

- Width (manually)

- The number of holes (automatically)

- The number of patterns (automatically)