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Why could I not create a Flow simulation project from a part or assemble (I have actived the flow simulation 2016)?

Question asked by Isabel Gómez on Mar 16, 2018

I can not create a flow simulation project and I have disable the most of options in Flow Simulation (I have activated the license and the complements) when I have created a new part or assemble (please, see 1). This have happened today, till now it was working perfectly.

However, If I open a part or assemble where I had simulated in the past, all the functions are actived (please, see 2).

I tried to repair the SW but I have the problem with the VBA register (it is empty) so it can not be repaired.

I know that flow simulations 2016 had problems in the installation and the compatibuility with SW2016 (in SP0) so I am looking for another solutions that not suppose reinstall.