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Mate reference on smart components

Question asked by Stefan Fredriksson on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by Frank Ruepp



I'm trying to get mate reference to work togheter with smart componets without sucess!


I my assembly my goal is to drag a small vent (own part) that I use frequently. The part has 7 different configurations, (different diamater of a cylinder). In another part I have made an cut extrude with let say 7mm dept and diameter 15. From that hole I created another hole with diameter 13 that goes deeper. The smart component that I'm trying to insert in the assembly should be able to "read" the diameter of the hole and choose the right configuration of the part. So far so good.


The thing is that i also want it to mate conecntric with the hole AND coincident with the small ledge that forms between the different diameter 15 and 13 7mm down. Even though I made mate references in that part it doesnt work. Today I have a coincident on the circle and concentric with the diameter.


It feels like SW doesnt care about the mate referenses but only the smart component autosize..


Anyone has any idea?