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Drawing - Shaded views all solid color

Question asked by Todd Bohlen on Feb 10, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2009 by Todd Bohlen
Ok, so I have this assembly - structural weldment of the clients. I added a few of our proprietary components to the structure. I shaded the existing structure white for one half and gray for the other half. I shaded our components yellow, blue, and red. I save. All is good.

Open the drawing - the views of the model - shaded view - are solid red! Everything is solid red. So I go back to the model - it is also solid red, top to bottom. I click each item in the tree one time and as I do thie the pieces all go back to the shading I had picked (appearance - just the basic one - don't have photoworks loaded). Go back to the drawing and it updates and is now shaded the way I wanted it. Save, print, save, close.

Reboot (you know, memory issues).

Open model. Good shading. Open drawing. It's freaking solid YELLOW now! I go back to the model and it is also SOLID yellow. Rebuild sometimes gets the MODEL to fix itself (note the "sometimes") but no matter what when I go back the drawing all my views are SOLID FREAKING YELLOW.

This is a concept drawing for the client, so I need to show this thing shaded the way I shaded it in the model. Why is the stupid drawing picking a solid color, and why is the drawing overriding the model settings in both the drawing and the model?

Thanks for any ideas you might have!