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Assembly embedded parts and assemblies from step import.

Question asked by Eric Hutchenreuther on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by Eric Hutchenreuther

What does the green arrow mean when added to the feature tree symbol for a part or assembly? I couldn't find it in the help topic which identifies feature tree symbols.

I suspect it indicates the part or assembly is embedded in the main assembly, and I would like some words to help me search out that topic.


The long story:

I am trying to import into SW2018 a step file that came from a customer's SolidWorks assembly. The parts appear nicely on my screen after the import, but when I save the file, I get 10 error messages saying "the part was not successfully saved". If I try to open the saved SLDASM file, there are a number of parts missing and a lot of errors. From the import, I am unable to open the individual assembles or parts that make up this assembly. Is there a way to regain a usable structure? I assume there are some minor import errors for a few individual parts in the assembly. If I could repair or suppress those, the rest would appear correctly.