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    SW-Author property value not displayed in Custom properties

    Sai Ganesh



      Is there a way to automatically populate Created by/Author (User name) in custom properties field. As same as the "SW-Last Saved by" property pulled by Property tab builder?


      Thanks in advance.




          • Re: SW-Author property value not displayed in Custom properties
            Craig Makarowski

            Here is a Macro that you can use to copy the author with use the swSumInfoAuthor to yourCustomPropertyauthor

            hope this helps




            Copy below this line into the macro editor

            Sub main()

            Dim swApp As Object







            Dim swModel         As SldWorks.ModelDoc2



            Dim Value           As String

            Dim Temp           As String









                Set swApp = CreateObject("SldWorks.Application")



                Set swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc


                If swModel.CustomInfo("Description") <> "" Then

                'swModel.CustomInfo("yourCustomPropertyauthor") = swModel.SummaryInfo(swSumInfoAuthor)


                'swModel.AddCustomInfo3 "", "yourCustomPropertyauthor", swCustomInfoText, swModel.SummaryInfo(swSumInfoAuthor)

                End If






                If swModel.CustomInfo("Description") <> "" Then

                'swModel.CustomInfo("Description") = swModel.SummaryInfo(swSumInfoTitle)


                'swModel.AddCustomInfo3 "", "Description", swCustomInfoText, swModel.SummaryInfo(swSumInfoTitle)

                End If


                If swModel.CustomInfo("swSumInfoCreateDate") <> "" Then

                    swModel.CustomInfo("CREATED_REVISION_DATE") = swModel.SummaryInfo(swSumInfoCreateDate)

                    'Debug.Print "updated CREATED_REVISION_DATE"


                    swModel.AddCustomInfo3 "", "CREATED_REVISION_DATE", swCustomInfoText, swModel.SummaryInfo(swSumInfoCreateDate)

                    'Debug.Print "added CREATED_REVISION_DATE"

                End If


                If swModel.CustomInfo("swSumInfoCreateDate") <> "" Then

                    swModel.CustomInfo("CURRENT_REVISION_DATE") = swModel.SummaryInfo(swSumInfoSaveDate)

                    'Debug.Print "updated CURRENT_REVISION_DATE"


                    swModel.AddCustomInfo3 "", "CURRENT_REVISION_DATE", swCustomInfoText, swModel.SummaryInfo(swSumInfoSaveDate)

                    'Debug.Print "added CURRENT_REVISION_DATE"

                End If


                swModel.ForceRebuild3 (False)

                swApp.SendMsgToUser "Created and last saved date written to Custom properites"






            End Sub