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PDF conversion

Question asked by Prasanna Ashok on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2018 by Prasanna Ashok

Hi All,


I need to know any option is available to define the name when we convert PDF.


When i open "XXXX" drawing and save as pdf, default pdf name is "XXXX".pdf


But our customer has requested for a new format going forward.


Convention: Drawing Name_4digitsheetnumber_2digitrevision


1. For single sheet "XXXX" dwg, Rev-0: XXXX_0001_00


2. For 2 sheet "XXXX" dwg, Rev 1: XXXX_0001_01   (First sheet revision is 1)

                                                       : XXXX_0002_00  (Second sheet revision is 0)


Now we update this manually. Any option that this format can be populated when i say "File-->save as-->pdf"? For every sheet we need to create a separate pdf.


I guess it has to drive this from the sheet title block where we have dwg no, sheet no and the revision no.


Any macro, help or suggestion?


Deepak Gupta