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How to use API to delete and rename command tab box from vb template?

Question asked by Chiao Yang Chang on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Taus Moller

I change the Title and Tooltip in the solidworks vb template.

Then I get a new command tab box. (see Fig1)

How could I delete original command tab box in this template?

If I just want to rename the command tab box, how could I do?


【vb template code】


#Region "UI Methods"
    Public Sub AddCommandMgr()

        Dim cmdGroup As ICommandGroup

        If iBmp Is Nothing Then
            iBmp = New BitmapHandler()
        End If

        Dim thisAssembly As Assembly

        Dim cmdIndex0 As Integer, cmdIndex1 As Integer
        Dim Title As String = "VB New Addin"
        Dim ToolTip As String = "VB New Addin"

        Dim docTypes() As Integer = {swDocumentTypes_e.swDocASSEMBLY, _
                                       swDocumentTypes_e.swDocDRAWING, _

        thisAssembly = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetAssembly(Me.GetType())

        Dim cmdGroupErr As Integer = 0
        Dim ignorePrevious As Boolean = False

        Dim registryIDs As Object = Nothing
        Dim getDataResult As Boolean = iCmdMgr.GetGroupDataFromRegistry(mainCmdGroupID, registryIDs)

        Dim knownIDs As Integer() = New Integer(1) {mainItemID1, mainItemID2}

        If getDataResult Then
            If Not CompareIDs(registryIDs, knownIDs) Then           'if the IDs don't match, reset the commandGroup
                ignorePrevious = True
            End If
        End If

        cmdGroup = iCmdMgr.CreateCommandGroup2(mainCmdGroupID, Title, ToolTip, "", -1, ignorePrevious, cmdGroupErr)
        If cmdGroup Is Nothing Or thisAssembly Is Nothing Then
            Throw New NullReferenceException()
        End If


        cmdGroup.LargeIconList = iBmp.CreateFileFromResourceBitmap("SwVBAddin4.ToolbarLarge.bmp", thisAssembly)
        cmdGroup.SmallIconList = iBmp.CreateFileFromResourceBitmap("SwVBAddin4.ToolbarSmall.bmp", thisAssembly)
        cmdGroup.LargeMainIcon = iBmp.CreateFileFromResourceBitmap("SwVBAddin4.MainIconLarge.bmp", thisAssembly)
        cmdGroup.SmallMainIcon = iBmp.CreateFileFromResourceBitmap("SwVBAddin4.MainIconSmall.bmp", thisAssembly)

        Dim menuToolbarOption As Integer = swCommandItemType_e.swMenuItem Or swCommandItemType_e.swToolbarItem

        cmdIndex0 = cmdGroup.AddCommandItem2("CreateCube", -1, "Create a cube", "Create cube", 0, "CreateCube", "", mainItemID1, menuToolbarOption)
        cmdIndex1 = cmdGroup.AddCommandItem2("Show PMP", -1, "Display sample property manager", "Show PMP", 2, "ShowPMP", "PMPEnable", mainItemID2, menuToolbarOption)

        cmdGroup.HasToolbar = True
        cmdGroup.HasMenu = True

        Dim flyGroup As FlyoutGroup
        flyGroup = iCmdMgr.CreateFlyoutGroup(flyoutGroupID, "Dynamic Flyout", "Flyout Tooltip", "Flyout Hint", _
              cmdGroup.SmallMainIcon, cmdGroup.LargeMainIcon, cmdGroup.SmallIconList, cmdGroup.LargeIconList, "FlyoutCallback", "FlyoutEnable")

        flyGroup.AddCommandItem("FlyoutCommand 1", "test", 0, "FlyoutCommandItem1", "FlyoutEnableCommandItem1")

        flyGroup.FlyoutType = swCommandFlyoutStyle_e.swCommandFlyoutStyle_Simple

        For Each docType As Integer In docTypes
            Dim cmdTab As ICommandTab = iCmdMgr.GetCommandTab(docType, Title)
            Dim bResult As Boolean

            If Not cmdTab Is Nothing And Not getDataResult Or ignorePrevious Then 'if tab exists, but we have ignored the registry info, re-create the tab.  Otherwise the ids won't matchup and the tab will be blank
                Dim res As Boolean = iCmdMgr.RemoveCommandTab(cmdTab)
                cmdTab = Nothing
            End If

            If cmdTab Is Nothing Then
                cmdTab = iCmdMgr.AddCommandTab(docType, Title)

                Dim cmdBox As CommandTabBox = cmdTab.AddCommandTabBox

                Dim cmdIDs(3) As Integer
                Dim TextType(3) As Integer

                cmdIDs(0) = cmdGroup.CommandID(cmdIndex0)
                TextType(0) = swCommandTabButtonTextDisplay_e.swCommandTabButton_TextHorizontal

                cmdIDs(1) = cmdGroup.CommandID(cmdIndex1)
                TextType(1) = swCommandTabButtonTextDisplay_e.swCommandTabButton_TextHorizontal

                cmdIDs(2) = cmdGroup.ToolbarId
                TextType(2) = swCommandTabButtonTextDisplay_e.swCommandTabButton_TextHorizontal

                bResult = cmdBox.AddCommands(cmdIDs, TextType)

                Dim cmdBox1 As CommandTabBox = cmdTab.AddCommandTabBox()
                ReDim cmdIDs(1)
                ReDim TextType(1)

                cmdIDs(0) = flyGroup.CmdID
                TextType(0) = swCommandTabButtonTextDisplay_e.swCommandTabButton_TextBelow

                bResult = cmdBox1.AddCommands(cmdIDs, TextType)

                cmdTab.AddSeparator(cmdBox1, cmdIDs(0))

            End If

        thisAssembly = Nothing

    End Sub