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Saving and naming assemblies from multiple part configurations

Question asked by Stasys Montvydas on Mar 14, 2018

Hi all,


Is there a way to save assemblies that contain multiple parts with multiple configurations and give all these assemblies a name according to a set logic (for example item number would consist of a number where each digit specifies a specific part configuration within that assembly), we have an excel file setup with this logic of naming parts. We have a product which has multiple subassemblies with multiple configuration parts that on a top level assembly can end up in hundreds of thousands of different product configs. What are our options here?

- Macros?

- We are also getting Solidworks PDM professional (any features to help with this there?)

- Any other tools that are available in Solidworks that I am not aware off, that can do this?


Any answers and ideas are appreciated as we are really struggling to find the least labor intensive way to generate these assemblies!