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Balloons disappearing after switching configurations but remain present

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Mar 14, 2018
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I have a weird bug I believe. Don't think it's ever been reported as I haven't found anything relating to it.


We use promoted assemblies in order to switch between configurations of different lengths of pads. Those pads are made in assemblies because they are bought components that we need to ''Trim'' after buying them.


The problem I encounter is that when I switch between configurations of the promoted assembly, the balloon in the drawing disappears but remains present in the drawing/balloon pile. Another thing that could load your drawing because it's floating around and isn't noticeable...


So, this is what it displayed when we had a short mud pad. 196 being the balloon that represents the mud pad inside the promoted assembly.


When we switched the configuration of the promoted assembly, this is the result in the drawing. The pile floats around.


So you figure yeah, I don't want to lose time redoing all my balloons so I'll just add another baloon to the pile and have it be the leading one. Well, turns out the balloon that disappeared is actually still in the pile. Not only that, it is not selectable so it is not deletable either.


We use promoted assemblies a lot so it ends up happening quite a bit but it's one of those bugs that takes so little time to fix that we never bothered mentioning it before. We had never realized the balloon remained in the drawing either or else I would have submitted it.


I use SolidWorks 2016 SP4.0


Edit: Seems someone had a VAR look at something similar and found some sort of work around, don't see any SPR though.

Disappearing Balloons


Edit2: I do not use detached drawings

Edit3: It is not displayed when I use the Show/Hide annotations either. I've had a bug before where all the balloons had becomme hiden so I thought perhaps that might have been it but alas, it isn't...