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    Copy/Paste into PropertyManager field?

    Dave Paul

      Good Morning All - Is it possible to paste data into a specific field in the Hole Specification (for instance) PropertyManager?




      How would I point the paste to that field?

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          Lasse Nielsen

          Hi Dave,


          Sorry if I misunderstand you. Do you want the depth of the hole to be controlled by a some other value (from another feature or a CustomProperty) or do you want the depth of the hole to control another feature or the value of a CustomProperty?


          Either way, when you have build you hole, you can double click on the feature in the FeatureTree and see the depth of the hole. In my case the depth is called "Tap Drill Depth@Sketch2"


          This gives you the option to create links to and from other features and custom properties. See last image for an example.


          hope the helps?










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              Dave Paul

              Hey Lasse - My original thought was to have a user-defined macro copy and paste a number into the hole depth and/or thread depth option in the hole wizard PropertyManager.

              Now that I have seen your reply, that's an interesting work-around.  It's a post-creation update, but the updates to the individual hole depth and thread depth dimensions in the hole wizard sketch are translated back into the hole wizard PropertyManager.

              Good thought.  Thanks Lasse