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Global Variable/Equation Tolerance/Precision Syntax

Question asked by Nick Tzallas on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2019 by Victor Fagerlund

I am using global variables and equations to drive a lot of dimensions in my models. Everything works great.

The only thing is I have to go in to each model dimension afterwards and set the tolerance type and precision (e.g.: bilateral +0.005 / -0.000, 3 d.p) for each and every one. I would like to avoid that and have that driven from the equations/variables themselves.


I am aware that you can drive tolerances in Design Tables with a certain syntax in the table e.g.: "Bilateral; .005;-.000" etc


So, is there a specific syntax to accomplish the same in the equations/global variables window? i.e. type something after your entry in the "value/equation" column so that it evaluates into a final number with specific decimal places and tolerance type?


Below is a mock up of what I would like to achieve

Using SW 2016 SP 3.0. Win 10 64-bit




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