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Adding Custom Properties Dropdown List

Question asked by Prasanna Ashok on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Milligan Courtney

Dear All,


I need to set the following parameters when i create a new part.


When i create File-->New-->Part, the part custom properties should have the following.


Property Name: 1. Material 2. Finish


We have set of standard material and their corresponding finish.


For example,

If I select SS 316 as material, Finish will be "Per Document D112"

If i select Polycarbonate as material, Finish will be "None"

and so on...


So my questions are as follows:


1. I need to add all the materials which we have has standard inside the part property. So when i select material as property, in the "value/text expression" column, i need to have the standard materials in dropdown.


2. When i select the material, automatically its corresponding Finish should update.


Is this possible to do? This will save time and avoiding wrong entry of data in our system.


Check attachment too.


Really looking for some help on this.

@deepak gupta