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Simulation Express Units Frustrations

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by William McFaul

OK, I am accustomed to running the full blown version of Solidworks - up until August of last year...which is when I took this job.


Now, I am having to run Simulation Express and it is aggravating me tremendously!! I finally figured out how to change the units (yes, I, too, overlooked the options switch at the beginning)...but now it is giving me results in scientific notation (?)...or Ures.


For Instance, I have designed an 8 gauge steel plate that is Ø30". It is supported by 10 "buttons" (equally spaced) that are Ø3/8". The "buttons" are on a pattern circle Ø22.97". This plate will be used at a trade show. The material is A1008 steel.


There will be a piece of equipment placed in the center of this plate. The support foot for this equipment is roughly 10.5" x 5.5" and the equipment weighs 300 lbs.


The Ures scale gives me a max displacement of 5.506e+001...which tells me it has a displacement of 55.06" - this is preposterous. There is no way that I have that much deflection/displacement.


Do I have some settings wrong somewhere? The scale factor shows .052....(something)......all I did was change the units from mm to inches. Or am I reading something wrong?