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Sketch point - the weird scaling issue...

Question asked by William McFaul on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by Kevin Smith

Here's the thing... Why does certain sketch points scale, and others don't?


I.E. When you select two lines using Ctrl, and then hit the "Point" button the result is what is shown below. And when you zoom out the point does not scale.

How ever the thing that bothers me is when you just select the same point button without selecting lines first like this:

And yes for all those people out there who want to say "Well the first method selects the intersection of those lines and the second is manually placed...." yes I realize that. This is an example of the oddity I'm about to show you...

Now that I have manually placed my point when I zoom out look how huge this manual point gets... The farther out the bigger this "point" becomes..

What's the deal with these weird scaling points?