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PDM Add-in File Replication

Question asked by Charles Reeves on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Charles Reeves

I have a custom Add-in for PDM Pro 2017 SP2.0 that is modified occasionally for business needs.  When I publish the files in the Administration tool, I then go the SQL and set the Archive VersionUID = 1 because PDM doesn't version system files (for whatever reason).  This setting allow the add-in files to replicate to the other servers and to the corresponding users.


UPDATE [Vault].[dbo].[ArchiveServerStored]

SET VersionUID = 1

WHERE ArchiveType IN (2,3)

AND VersionUID != 1


The problem I'm having is: a couple of our remote Archive Servers and users never receive the updated files.  No matter what replication settings I use or permissions I assign (to the client PC or PDM) I can't get the add-in files (.dll) to replicate.  My work around is to manually copy the assembly to the users' appdata folder where PDM should put them.  You can imagine this is a cumbersome work around.  I'm hoping someone out there has dealt with a similar issue because my VAR hasn't been very helpful.  Does anyone know what setting to try or at least how to force replication?