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    Need help with floating decal in accurate mode

    Chris Cunningham

      The decal works fine in Preview mode.



      But starts floating with accurate mode. Any suggestions?




      Decal settings


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          Mark Jackson

          What Matt? That's not a visualization of your amazing new holographic printing method for extra coolness for your product?


          I haven't seen that one before. Did you try the multipart checkbox for a possible workaround?

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            Ron Bates

            All decals float off the surface in ray traced modes (fast or accurate).  It's typically in the neighborhood of a .001 mm (1 micron) or less so often not very noticeable.


            Your camera angle, and obviously the size of your part, will dictate how visible this effect is.  I suspect that part is rather small...   This old issue It has been chronicled in a few other forum posts on the forum here... 


            It's fixed in 2018 sp1.0


            sp1.0 release note snippet...  We referred to it at the "self-shadowing effect (ie decal actually casts a shadow on the surface below b/c it is actually offset from the geometry below it).


            If you're stuck with 2017 for now, you could try scaling the object bigger, and then maybe some camera trickery?