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Leader attachment, is nearest edge available?

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Scott Stuart

I didn't find anything on my own that would do this. I'm mostly wondering if this is currently possible. It's nothing critical, burning or cumbersome as-is to simply reposition things manually as needed. Installation reference 2018 SP2 (finally current). If my description of intent is unclear, maybe I can mock something up in images.


I'd like to attach a note leader to an object so that its leader arrow lands on the nearest edge of the attached object. That way, when I reposition the note for aesthetics and clarity of less overlaps with other similar leaders, its arrow follows the direction of note placement, moving around the body's edges while pointing at the nearest edge of the body towards the note location.


I'm placing text notes around a weldment component shown in Isometric view. This note references Weldment Profile Description and body length from cutlist properties. It appears to only recognize that the leader is on *this* specific edge, and that edge belongs to this body with these properties to call upon, but the leader cannot reposition automatically around other edges of the same body.


As I imagine this, it would behave similarly to how a diameter or radius dimension's arrow(s) follow the measured edge while tracking with the placement of the dimension. However, a hole cut and a channel body are drastically dissimilar in form, code, and representation. Complexities of various profiles could make this unfeasible.


Similarly related thread: How to change attachment point of note leader in sketch?

Where an overridden Dimension is used as a Note for display and composition purposes.

Edit: Also related, my suggestion within  about a body or component within a drawing view possibly being able to "Select Outline", which I also believe is not currently possible.


If this is not available without overrides, API or Macro, perhaps it is a useful idea for improvements. I'll let the community decide.


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