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Tab & Slot Feature

Question asked by Johnathan Kearney on Mar 13, 2018
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Hi Guys,


So I am actually very frustrated, we are 2 people subcontracting and we are losing money & the client is getting fed up with our "SOLIDWORKS" is not working excuses. so we are not meeting deadlines either.


the tab & slot feature is very nice we have implemented it on some concepts that we are busy with, and we are now at the issue drawing phase, only to find out that all parts that have a mirrored + a tab & slot feature no longer work once the part is flattened. VAR is unable to assist.


So basically I have 3 parts in an assy. I create the tab and slot feature. then i mirror. all still good.


Now I create the drawings and the flat patterns. this is where the Slots of the tab & slot feature disappear?


Please find attached assy. in the folded state everything is fine, but as soon as I flatten the feature is useless?


any help will be very much appreciated.

I have to issue drawings by the end of the day for prototype. :-(