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    Deleting general table crashes drawing

    Jeremy Rodríguez

      After searching around the forum, I couldn't find anything on the subject so:


      I have a drawing with a variety of general tables showing style differences in part configurations. When trying to delete a row or the entire table it consistently crashes SW. I tried just straight up deleting the sheet instead, and it causes the crash as well. Apparently any attempt to remove the table crashes SW.


      Has anybody else run into this problem? Anybody have an idea on how to fix this?


      Much appreciated folks.


      p.s. Can't post screenshots or files sadly, NDA's.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I haven't heard of that particular issue, but I've also had weird crashes that no one else could duplicate.  Can you just hide the table instead of deleting it?  Or if that doesn't work you may just need to move it off the sheet?


          And while I'm typing it occurred to me:  Did this just start?  And if yes, have you re-booted your computer and tried again (and I mean a complete restart of your computer, not just closing SW down and reopening it).

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              Jeremy Rodríguez

              For some reason, hiding the table wasn't working either. As for moving it off the sheet, company standard wouldn't allow it sadly, it would be an easy fix.


              The problem has occurred once before on this same drawing actually. The workaround last time was to just copy the sheets to a new drawing and rename it. Clunky, but it made it able to be edited as necessary, even if it was just a Band-Aid for the problem.


              I had rebooted the program, then the entire computer hoping it was just another one of those "well, it's just solidworks being bitchy" moments. Apparently it's quite consistently bitchy on this one, and I really don't feel like having to continually copy the (now 16) sheets over to a new drawing every time this gets a revision bump and requires changes.


              Sorry for ranting, just irritated by it. Thanks for the suggestions.

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                  Alex Lachance

                  Try this, move the table to another sheet and then delete that other sheet. Sometimes little work arounds like this works wonders.


                  What version are you working on?

                  Is it a part drawing or an assembly drawing?

                  Could the table be linked to the design table of the part? Perhaps when trying to delete the line it tries to access the design table and can't?

                  Do you have messages marked as ''Do not show again''? I do not use this but I have a few collegues who do use the Do not show again box and for some reason when the ''Do not show again'' box is checked for the ''Do you really want to delete the following item'' message, it causes some crashes. The message about an assembly/part requiring a rebuild is also one that has caused some problems for us.