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Request: Tips/Best Practices for SWE

Discussion created by Carl Gutierrez on Mar 12, 2018
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I'd really appreciate any tips and advice that the community could give to a new user like myself.  I'm new to both Solidworks and Solidworks Electrical as well as ECAD.  Most of my career was spent on the MCAD side using Pro-E/Creo.  When I was presented with a opportunity to learn Solidworks and SWE I gladly accepted.


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I am trying to learn SWE so that I can bridge that gap between the MCAD and ECAD worlds.  Any help to help me climb that learning curve would be great.

If there is anyone that has questions about Creo feel free to PM me or mention me and I'll do my best to answer.


Here are a few FAQ's for Creo to get them out of the way...keep in mind these are based on my opinions

  1. Why is Creo so hard to use? - It was created before UI/UX was even a thing.  They seemed to keep everything the same and just put a fresh face on it...even with the rebranding from Pro-E to Creo.  The sequence of events is pretty much the same once you found the icon to launch the comand.
  2. Does it ever get easier? - While there is no logic or easy to follow sequence for most of the commands, like with anything, the more you use them you eventually get used to it.  It will never be as user friendly or easy to use as Solidworks or Inventor.  Sorry guys...
  3. Seriously, why is it so hard to use? - See answer for Question 1
  4. Did you ever want to throw your computer out the window when using Pro-E/Creo? - Yes, several times.  Before it was Creo, when Pro-E would crash it would just disappear.  You'd be concentrating on something for hours, forgetting to save, and then at a crucial time the software would just be gone and you'd be staring at your Windows desktop.  It would leave many people scratching their heads wondering what happened.


That should cover the most asked questions when someone first learns Creo.  If you are starting to learn Creo let me just say - I feel your pain.  It isn't the easiest software to use but it is very powerful in its own right.