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PDM Very Very Slow Speeds

Question asked by Jose Saldana on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2019 by Scott Stuart

Dear SolidWorks/PDM Users,


Our company recently migrated CAD Systems.  We were using 2006 Co Create, but we are now live with SolidWorks 2016, SP5.0 and PDM 2017 SP3.0.


We had a consulting company help us take our legacy data and migrate into the vault.  Since the day we launched, PDM performance has been extremely slow.  It takes a very long time to check things in and out, change status and even more so when loading the BOM.  I've seen it take 5+minutes to check-out / check in a part file or a drawing and some assemblies have taken 20+minutes just to check out or in.  We have contacted our re-seller and they've looked into it, but have not been able to identify the issue nor offer us a solution.  I know they are still investigating the issue and have began communicating with SolidWorks too.  In the meantime, I figured I would put this on the forum, perhaps, some of you might have seen this before or have ideas / suggestions.  We have a feeling it could be related to our legacy data, but we are not for sure.  We currently testing / troubleshooting that ourselves.  Something has to be wrong, it's extremely slow.


Any help, ideas and suggestions are much appreciated.




Jose Saldana