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Is it possible to simulate local deformation?

Question asked by Allan Smithee on Mar 12, 2018

I want to simulate local (pinpoint) deformation on the surface of a solid cylindrical body. Is this possible with SolidWorks or even FEA in general?


I have created a simple demonstration assembly and wanted to simulate the effects of objects pressing into a larger cylindrical body. More specifically, we are deforming particles by rolling a glass cylinder over them, but the "particles" can be larger for the model. They could be modeled as half-spheres 1mm in diameter or thereabouts (whatever makes the simulation work). The simulation doesn't have to be accurate we just want a pretty picture to illustrate what happens locally to the surface of the glass "rolling pin" as it compresses, and is locally compressed by, the objects.  Maybe similar to this.


I'm relatively new to SW simulation and my solver keeps failing. Any help appreciated. Thanks