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    Simulation Analysis

    Frank Ahenny



      I Have a simulation attached, first time doing one, hoping someone could take a look, see if set up ok.



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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Franci,

          The setup looks good.  There is a minor thing that you may want to look at.  That is, you have applied fixed hinges to both sides of a 3 point bending problem.  This might be exactly right if your are fastening this beam between two much larger objects that would not be swayed by the application of the 2500 N load.  If these objects are not the size of buildings though you may want to run a worst case scenario where one side's fixtures are allowed to translate in the direction of the beam axis while still being disallowed from translating in the direction of the applied load like this diagram indicates symbolically:



          The difference in deflections, as can be seen below, are remarkably different.  That may be something you wish to take a look at for a setup like this.


          Fixed Hinge and Fixed Hinge:


          Fixed Hinge and Roller/Slider:

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            J. Mather

            I recommend that you change the FoS legend to show between 0-15 or 1-15.

            SolidWorks really screwed this up setting the legend to show up to max value when anything over 10 or 15 or 20 is not useful information.

            The way the default is currently displayed every analysis FoS legend would look identical (entirely red) and therefore meaningless.

            Might as well only display the min as a number and no legend showing distribution.

            This sounds like a JDI (just do it) item for SolidWorks to correct in their software.

            Hmmm, Richard Doyle - who is a direct source at SolidWorks to communicate this sort of issue (don't suggest VAR - I only deal with those who can JDI).


            FoS Legend.PNG

            Meaningless Legend.PNG