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"Flex" stretching part: fails to process?

Question asked by John Boire on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by John Boire

Here's the issue:


I have a part with a lot of configurations and some complex geometry but the part is required to be stretched as part of the manufacturing process.

I insert a flex feature, select "Stretching" then select the body of the part and put in .047" for the total stretch length and... SolidWorks crashes, or it spins its wheels for 10 minutes then stops attempting to process the stretch.


There are quite a few swept cuts including 2 thread cuts and 3 hobbing operations that I can suppress to make the stretch function work, however I need these operations to be shown on the finished part. Is there anything I can do? Any workarounds to "Stretch" a model without using the Flex function that works almost the same? Would throwing more processing power at the problem fix it?

I cannot post the model here, sorry about that.